Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Does Jim Lang Really Love NASCAR?

OK, so I was perusing my usually aggregation of headlines courtesy Google Reader, and when I got to Sportsnet's Jim Lang's blog, I couldn't help but notice it doesn't appear to be written by the Jim himself (see screenshot). Who the heck is Rob MacNeil, and why is he putting his name on Jim's entries?! Cause when you go to the actual blog, Rob's name isn't there.

I don't subscribe to the other Sportnet blogs, just the "Hockey Hearsay" feed, and that one appears to be written by "ryanjohnston". So maybe it's just the name of the guy posting it. Pretty weird though, I mean, why wouldn't they just put "Sportsnet" in the name field.

Anyway, just thought it was worth mentioning, but not worth spending more than 5 minutes on. Just kinda shattered my illusions for a minute there.