Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NHL Gamecentre Live...raw deal for Saskatchewan.

So...they (the NHL) would like $160 for a season long subscription to NHL Gamecentre Live (they spell it Center).

At first glance, that's not even so bad...until you realize that nationally broadcast games are NOT included. This means all Hockey Night in Canada games, and all NHL on TSN games. As someone looking to replace cable, that's a large chunk of the hockey I'd be watching...I don't have as much time during the week).

But, I have a USB tv tuner card for my Mac, I can capture the low-def over the air feed of Hockey Night every weekend, plus fast forward all the nonsense. If that fails, CBC streams HNIC games on their own site as well.

TSN rarely streams games, mostly ones featuring two American teams, probably cause it's cheaper to get those rights in Canada, since none of us care much for the Texas Puckriders, Beverly Hills Implants, Mississippi Queens, Phoenix Coyotes, and other such fictional expansion teams.

Also not included in the so-called GameCentre Live package...all REGIONAL Sportsnet games. Well, you say, that's no big deal, I live in Saskatchewan, days away from any NHL team! Not so, dear reader, not so...because Saskatchewan is kindly lumped in with Alberta, into the Sportsnet West broadcast region. Oilers or Calgary games with NHL Gamecenter Live in Saskatchewan. Well that's fucking outstanding.

But wait, Gamecenter also includes "select playoff games"...basically any American matchups from the first round or two (since CBC and TSN will spilt the Canadian matchups). Boy...not sweeting the pot any with that one.

This is the sound of one hand clapping...'clap'...'clap'...for the NHL and their infinite broadcast wisdom, and being so tuned in with what their audience wants to watch. One would think they had an elite product or something.

Congrats on blacking out your hardcore fans from giving you money. Looking forward to putting my $160 somewhere else yet again this season. that that's out of the way, thought I'd re-share (or shamelessly plug, as is the way these days) my old NHL parody video from a couple years back...we're almost at 100k views, people! My deepest thanks, I never thought I'd get 10...LOL. :)