Friday, September 28, 2012

iControlpad 2

Hello friends.  So if you're looking for a kickass bluetooth gamepad, then get over to Kickstarter and pledge your allegiance (and money) to iControlpad 2.  Hit their web page for all the details, compatible apps, and other funformation.

From the makers of iControlpad, and the OpenPandora.  They are on pace to reach the goal, but it would be a damn shame for this new controller/keyboard not to see the light of day.  Not to mention it may affect their ability to bring us other shiny new open-source products.  The kind of products mainstream companies like Sony and Apple will never bring to market.  And I love my PS3 and iPhone, but there's plenty of room for everybody.

It's a great controller not just because of the game controls, but also a full keyboard.  c64!  Amiga!  Easier text messaging!  Home Theatre PC remote!  Tons of uses.  I have an iControlpad 1, and the directional pad is great.

This isn't your typical retail won't be picking these up at EBGames for $29.99.  This is your chance to be a part of something, without having to do any work.  Win-win!

If you have any interest at all, check it out, then pledge.  If they don't reach their goal (already half way home!), your credit card isn't charged, so you have nothing to lose.

...Sorry for the advertisting-esque writing...just comes naturally I guess.  Thanks for your time.