Monday, July 31, 2006

Ha. Earphones.

So a while ago I mentioned I was in the market for some new earphones. Well yesterday I finally found some I like. I headed off to my local Wal-Mart, assuming they'd have about one pair to choose from, however, there were about 15 different kinds. I probably took about 20 minutes checking them all out, but finally settled on a pair of Excel International Electronics HS812's.

Yeah, it's one of those "no name" brands that copy the bigger names for cheap (a similar pair from Panasonic was $40). That's actually a link to the 816 model, but my 812's are almost the same, white with a silver circle in the middle. They clip onto my ears comfortably (wore them for an hour yesterday), and I can wear them while lying down. I took them out for a spin on my bike for about 40 minutes and they were actually pretty good at blocking the wind noise. Don't wanna block out all the ambient noise of course, but just cut out enough so I can hear my podcasts without cranking them to stupid volumes. They also fit under my helmet.

So, they don't meet all the original criteria I had written up: no in-line volume control and the cord is anything but tangle-free. However, they're amazingly comfortable, sound much better than I'd expected, and can be had for a grand total of $6.51! Considering that extremely low price, I'm very happy with them...I may even go back and pick up a few more pairs, just in case.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fugly Jerseys.

Ok, scanning the hockey headlines this morning, seems that Buffalo Sabres fans are outraged at the new potential jerseys their team owners have come up with. Hmm...Very Nashville -Meets-Boston's-Taxi-Cab-Jersey:

The new logo also resembles Barney Rubble's haircut, credit USCanuck on the Sportsnet forums for that link. :)

Hmm, what else is new? Leafs signed Michael Peca to a one year deal. That's probably a good move, Peca was a big part of the Oilers run, not so much in points, but he's a strong two-way player, as they say. I'm more just happy that Jason Allison and Eric Lindros have been shown the door.

EA's NHL 07 is supposed to come out in September. They say it's a return to the glory days of video game hockey (ie. NHL 94 for SEGA). Perhaps they'll just put out '94, with updated rosters, and all the GM Dynasty stuff from NHL 2004, within the confines of the new CBA...I'd pre-order that no question! This will be the first EA NHL sporting the new ESPN license they strongarmed away from 2KSports, so that may be cool I guess. Looks like Jim "The Ref Gets Ready To Drop The Puck" Hughson has been dropped as play by play announcer in favour of the ESPN guys. Whatever, I usually turn that off after a couple games anyway. Check out EA's NHL 07 website for more info.

Oh, and this October, the NHL will unveil some pink jerseys for women. Maybe EA can include those in the game?

Ok, well, I'll be back when something else irks me (shouldn't be too long).

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Leafs Update - These Buds For You

Sweet, the Leafs have finally gotten around to resigning my favourite young Leaf, Kyle Wellwood. This guy has more creativity on his stick than a lot of the Leafs we're used to watching, and it was awesome to watch him show his stuff last season. Also resigned are Brendan Bell, Jay Harrison and Carlo Colaiacovo.

I've been waiting for Wellwood to resign this summer, and after all the talk about Eric Lindros , Jason Allison, Gary Roberts and Tie Domi, I was worried the 2006/2007 Leafs would return to their "get older at any cost" strategy that worked so horribly this past season. They've got two new defencemen, Hall Gill and Pavel Kubina, and to me, defence is a position where experience is more immediately obvious and beneficial...also goaltending. But up front, I'd go with speed and creativity.

The "New NHL" ain't goin' away, so their best bet is to get with the program, and in the words of new head coach Paul Maurice, "we're gonna get younger and faster." This is pretty much a direct contrast to the Pat Quinn era, and I'm excited about it. Nothing worse than blowing a perfectly good Saturday night watching a bunch of slow, oft-injured and unskilled seniors make their way around the ice for 2 hours. I seem to recall yelling at my TV that they should just call up the entire Marlies squad! Or maybe I should be watching CHL games, if it wasn't just fights.

Not that you can build a champion team with rookies alone (outside of the video games), but it sure makes the games a helluva lot more exciting to watch, and that's probably more important to me. After suffering through Allison's turtle-esque approach in the shootout night after night this past year, hopefully the Leafs have learned what kind of team they actually need to put on the ice.

Monday, July 17, 2006

And we're back...

Ahh, first post in a couple weeks. I had a week off and wasn't near a high speed internet connection, so it wasn't worth trying to post I was just enjoying the time off. Still developing my blogging reflexes too I think, too much thinking, gotta just write! However, my "What I Did..." summer vacation story should be coming up soon. Probably should get a digital camera one of these days, but til then, have to rely on my word pictures.

Currently in the market for some new headphones. My Sony street style "behind the head" ones recently shed the last of their foam, and the iPod ones make you a target for muggers. Found these...a little pricey, but kinda neat:

SkullCandy LINK headphones

This "Link" product is basically headphones, but with two jacks. So you plug your iPod (or what-mp3-player-have-you) into one and the other jack goes to your cell phone headset plug. Then when somebody calls, you can switch to your phone with one button. Skullcandy also make a $220 backpack with built-in amp and speakers. :)

Seems neat in theory, but I don't think it will actually pause the iPod, just mutes it. So if you're listening to podcasts, kinda annoying, you'd miss a chunk of your show. Or, you can just lower the music while you're on the call...not sure how annoying that'd be, but I'm guessing PLENTY!

Not only that, but if cell phones are distracting enough while driving a car, would that make cell phones on bikes worse...or better? At least a bike is probably easier to pull over and stop.

Anyway, I just want behind-the-head style, in line volume control, decent durability and retractable cords. I kinda like the ear clipping ones that are seperate, so you could lie down with them, for example. My Sony's had a pretty decent bar at the back that kept me even sitting back on a couch. I wear glasses, so the ear clips will need to accomodate my frames. Also should fit under my bike helmet. I'd prefer to buy them locally, ideally trying them on first, but my area ain't the best for retail experiences...probably be it's own entry. I'll let you know.