Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Talkey Night in Canada

Well, if you follow enough hockey over the summer, like us die-hards do, you begin to learn the finer details of the language.

Many teams these days are looking for so-called "two-way" players...defensemen who can also "put points on the board", or forwards who bring a "team-first" side to their game, who can help out "on the back end". You know, players who can play "both ends of the rink".

The joy comes when you begin to pick up on the mis-use of these phrases. Such as: "I wanna bring my full skill-set to this team, show them I'm the type of player who can play both sides of the puck."

Some gems I've caught from listening to hockey-themed talk radio over the past few months:

"...well, your point is well-made..."

"...well, I don't disagree..."

"...well, I don't know that that's not the case..."

Ah yes, it's a long summer when your team doesn't make the playoffs...

Thursday, July 02, 2009