Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stupid Arena Names for $1000 Alex!

Ok, so maybe you thought, like I did, that it wouldn't get worse than the "Gaylord Entertainment Centre" in Nashville. Well, yeah, so maybe that one is still the king, but here's the latest groan-tastic act of greed disguised as an attempt to repell feelings of inadequacy masquerading as corporate showboating (from the Toronto Star):

"NICE HANDLE: has acquired the naming rights to Glendale Arena, home of the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes. The arena, which now will be known as Arena, had been without a corporate sponsor since it opened in December 2003., a Phoenix-based online employment service, will pay $2.5 million (U.S.) per year in the 10-year agreement, the team announced yesterday."

R.I.P. Montreal too, Maple Leaf Gardens, we'll all be joining you soon.

Reminds me of when The Mosaic Company bought the rights to Taylor Field in Regina this summer. Except everyone still calls it Taylor Field, or at worst it's Mosaic Stadium at Taylor don't get rid of Taylor that easily! To say nothing of the fact that the annual multicultural festival in Regina is also called Mosaic. How on Earth did the
festival raise enough money to buy the rights to the stadium? Oh, you mean the Potash company is named after the festival? Hmm, well, no time to argue now, we'll miss the game at Taylor Field!

Oh well. I'm not against naming things after corporations, if it pumps some money into the coffers of the city or surrounding area, paves some streets or whatever. But couldn't we all just be a little more choosy when it comes to naming our companies?

And anyway, shouldn't it be "jobbing"? Or is it really "jobing", like in:

"Hey Bob, how's that job hunt coming?"

"Fine Bill, just fine. I hate to do it, but I got a family to feed, right?"

"Yup, you sure do. Must take a lot of patience right?"

"Sure it does Bill, I'm 'Jobing' it up over here!"

Ok, I'll leave you with that to ponder.

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