Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Marlies Losing Money

Just a quick one today. According to Richard Peddie, distinguished President of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, moving the AHL Marlies to Toronto from St. John's, isn't quite the money making scheme they hoped it would be. Basically they're just having a little trouble filling the arena, getting about half the crowds they expected.

And all this time I thought the point was to save on flights when calling up players to fill in for injured Maple Leafs...surely they've made up the difference this year alone!

And one more thing...Apple announced the iPhone yesterday. Here's a more fun link, all the fake mockups and speculated images people were putting together ahead of yesterday's keynote. See if you can pick out the real one...

There, I didn't want to be the only blog in the world to not mention it. Might be a while 'fore it shows up in Canada of course...but that's nothing new.

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