Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sidney Crosby - TIME's Person of the Year needs DIGGERS!

Vote Sid the Kid up and he could make it on the cover of TIME magazine. Then you can tell all your friends "That is because of me and my fellow diggers!!!"Not only that, but they're mistaken on his "Con" list! There's no way he lead the NHL in penalties in his rookie season! Seemed low to me...so I looked it up...sure enough, Sean Avery, 257 PIM for 2005-2006. Crosby is 45th, with 110 PIM. He didn't even lead the Rookies in PIM that year (4th!). Especially since his rookie year was the first year after the lockout, with the new 'standard' being called, everyone was taking even more penalties than usual. Can't deny he whines to officials though.Unless...perhaps for some reason whatever stats they looked at, maybe they're only counting 2 minute minors, and the 3 rookies ahead of him took more 5 minute majors, so on paper it looks like he took more penalties? I dunno, that's bizarre.He's one place above author J. K. Rowling! Since when is the NHL more popular than Harry Potter?! Is this another "Vote For Rory" campaign I'm not aware of?

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