Wednesday, December 12, 2007

TV shows now on iTunes Canada

No, you're not dreaming!  After what seems like about ten years (probably closer to two), TV shows are now available for purchase in the Canadian iTunes Store.

Not much there yet, of course, but hey, lest we forget, the US Store only started with a handful of shows back in the day (2005).  Plus, since the Canadian broadcast culture absolutely depends on simulcasting US shows as I've discussed before, it might be a good long while before we see The Daily Show, 24, Heroes or any of the other big name shows.

However, it's nice to see the price is the same as the US, at $2 an episode.  I assume the quality is the same, not quite DVD.  Also, Canadian hit shows Corner Gas, Little Mosque on the Prairie and other homegrown hits are on there for those who never realized sometimes we do make our own shows.  In a fit of irony, Canadian networks could thank themselves at this point for the lack on content on there.  Make some more of your own shows, fellas.  Then you'll own the rights!

And what Canadian video store would be complete without a smattering of NHL content?!  Well you're in luck, as there's even some 'Stanley Cup Classics' up there.  5 old-skool Stanley Cup games, back in the days before the Salary Cap was King.  They look to be full length games, no ads.  While I assume we're still a long way from next-day highlights or current game downloads, this is a good move for the NHL, kudos.  And anyway, if you're a Leafs fan, there's lots of content already up in the Podcast section...check out "Game in Six Minutes", and the LeafsTV post-game show is also available:

One more point:  If I was a Canadian film or TV producer, I would absolutely be phoning Apple this morning to find out how I can get my content on here.  Bypass the broadcaster completely and get your show in front of people on their computer or their iPod.  No brainer.

Anyway, we'll see where this goes.  Interesting to see when/if movies get added, but again, if I had a Canadian film, I'd skip fighting tooth and nail trying to get it into 3 screens across Canada opening weekend competing with Harry Potter and Spider-Man, and just get it online where everyone can find it and buy it for dirt cheap.

Personally I'm hooked on Blu-Ray since the PS3 came to stay at my house, but the online download world has not yet begun to fight, not in this country anyway.  Well, ok, now it of today...

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