Thursday, January 17, 2008

Leipold buys back into NHL...I didn't see him leave!

Well well well.  Former Nashville Predators owner Craig Leipold, who by his own admission lost 70 Million Dollars on the Preds over 10 years, is now back as an NHL owner.  For some of us, he never left.

No sooner did the controversial Nashville sale finally go through, then he's suddenly announced as the new majority owner of the Minnesota Wild...this is a team that actually makes money, in an actual hockey market.  Go figure.

More explanation at the Globe and Mail here.

I guess once you're in Gary Bettman's club, everything just works itself out.  Hmm...wonder what Jim Balsillie thinks of all this.  Personally, as a Canadian and a life-long hockey fan, I find it reprehensible.  But hey, that's our Gary!

EDIT:  What I mean by reprehensible, is just that Bettman will (seemingly, unconfirmed) make any deal he can for his 'fellow' men, like Leipold...but he (seemingly, unconfirmed) killed any and all deals with Jim Balsillie, maybe because of Canada, maybe because of Toronto/Buffalo broadcast rights, who knows.

However, I've no beef with Leipold himself...hey, if somebody loves hockey, welcome aboard!

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