Monday, July 17, 2006

And we're back...

Ahh, first post in a couple weeks. I had a week off and wasn't near a high speed internet connection, so it wasn't worth trying to post I was just enjoying the time off. Still developing my blogging reflexes too I think, too much thinking, gotta just write! However, my "What I Did..." summer vacation story should be coming up soon. Probably should get a digital camera one of these days, but til then, have to rely on my word pictures.

Currently in the market for some new headphones. My Sony street style "behind the head" ones recently shed the last of their foam, and the iPod ones make you a target for muggers. Found these...a little pricey, but kinda neat:

SkullCandy LINK headphones

This "Link" product is basically headphones, but with two jacks. So you plug your iPod (or what-mp3-player-have-you) into one and the other jack goes to your cell phone headset plug. Then when somebody calls, you can switch to your phone with one button. Skullcandy also make a $220 backpack with built-in amp and speakers. :)

Seems neat in theory, but I don't think it will actually pause the iPod, just mutes it. So if you're listening to podcasts, kinda annoying, you'd miss a chunk of your show. Or, you can just lower the music while you're on the call...not sure how annoying that'd be, but I'm guessing PLENTY!

Not only that, but if cell phones are distracting enough while driving a car, would that make cell phones on bikes worse...or better? At least a bike is probably easier to pull over and stop.

Anyway, I just want behind-the-head style, in line volume control, decent durability and retractable cords. I kinda like the ear clipping ones that are seperate, so you could lie down with them, for example. My Sony's had a pretty decent bar at the back that kept me even sitting back on a couch. I wear glasses, so the ear clips will need to accomodate my frames. Also should fit under my bike helmet. I'd prefer to buy them locally, ideally trying them on first, but my area ain't the best for retail experiences...probably be it's own entry. I'll let you know.

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