Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fugly Jerseys.

Ok, scanning the hockey headlines this morning, seems that Buffalo Sabres fans are outraged at the new potential jerseys their team owners have come up with. Hmm...Very Nashville -Meets-Boston's-Taxi-Cab-Jersey:

The new logo also resembles Barney Rubble's haircut, credit USCanuck on the Sportsnet forums for that link. :)

Hmm, what else is new? Leafs signed Michael Peca to a one year deal. That's probably a good move, Peca was a big part of the Oilers run, not so much in points, but he's a strong two-way player, as they say. I'm more just happy that Jason Allison and Eric Lindros have been shown the door.

EA's NHL 07 is supposed to come out in September. They say it's a return to the glory days of video game hockey (ie. NHL 94 for SEGA). Perhaps they'll just put out '94, with updated rosters, and all the GM Dynasty stuff from NHL 2004, within the confines of the new CBA...I'd pre-order that no question! This will be the first EA NHL sporting the new ESPN license they strongarmed away from 2KSports, so that may be cool I guess. Looks like Jim "The Ref Gets Ready To Drop The Puck" Hughson has been dropped as play by play announcer in favour of the ESPN guys. Whatever, I usually turn that off after a couple games anyway. Check out EA's NHL 07 website for more info.

Oh, and this October, the NHL will unveil some pink jerseys for women. Maybe EA can include those in the game?

Ok, well, I'll be back when something else irks me (shouldn't be too long).

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