Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hello, I'm a Mac VS PC parody...

Well, an idea for one anyway, although I'd love to see somebody produce this. I'll just post the script first, and see if it's funny without any background information. Explanation and links to follow, if you haven't seen these ads for Apple, check out this page first. Enjoy!

Spot Title: "Stack". Familiar Music-box-esque music in background.

MAC: "Hello, I'm a Mac."
PC: "And I'm a PC." (PC is making one of those really tall sandwiches).

MAC: "What's up?"

PC: "Oh, I'm rebuilding my network stack...fresh from the ground up." (continues to add toppings and layers) "It's all part of the next version of my software, coming next year, sometime."

MAC: "Cool. So, that'll make it more secure, less prone to security holes?"

PC: "Yup. Well, that's the theory anyway."

MAC: "I see. Must be tough, starting from scratch. It'll be vulnerable to exploits from like ten years ago."


PC: "Well, you can't expect people to eat a sandwich with ten year old toppings...that's just gross." (PC begins to take a bite)


MAC: (in sarcastic agreement) "Uh huh." (PC takes another bite, chews)

PC: (mouth full) "Mmm, needs more mustard. Want some?"

(cut to Mac logo)

MAC: "Uh, no thanks I'm good."


(alternate last lines)

MAC: "Sure you can chew all that?"

MAC: "Thanks I just ate" (or "I'm full")

MAC: "Bon Appetit."

MAC: "Is that white bread?"

Inspired by ideas from "Security Now" podcast with Steve Gibson, Episode 51, "Vista's Virgin Stack." In this episode, Steve outlines numerous reasons why Windows Vista will be the least secure version of Windows yet. Microsoft is creating a new "network stack" from the ground up. While it's understandable why they'd need to do that, claiming "the most secure ever" is bogus, since it's impossible to claim security until it's been throughoughly tested and patched.

Anyways, check out that link for all the info. I was listening to it last night, and the idea for the script just appeared in my head, waiting to be blogged. Ahh Vista, everyday it's something.

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