Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Survey Says....

So, a poll of NHL players was conducted, courtesy The Hockey News. On newstands now, or you can buy it online and read it on your computer...see, that's what I'm talking about, Big Business, the internet is your friend! You can even get single iTunes for magazines.

Anyways, for some insightful analysis of this survey, check out this entry on Mike Chen's Hockey Blog, where I first read about the poll. For some irreverent analysis, however, stay right here.

Just want to highlight a couple of the funnier answers...particularly those given by only 1 player. The fun is trying to guess who said what.

"What’s the worst thing about your job?"...At least one player answered each of these:
"Protein shakes, watching video, late nights, filling out forms, fighting, autographs, missed childhood, girls, money, Cam Janssen, getting yelled at, pre-game skate, coaches and being booed"

"Cam Janssen"...I can just see Tomas Kaberle hunched over his stall in the dressing room, madly scribbling in his answer. Or perhaps Janssen himself wrote it, after all the Dr. Phil he watched during his 3 game suspension?

"Filling out forms"...yeah, can't the NHLPA just hack our email and read the relevant ones to us? Why do I gotta put in my name and password every time?!

"missed childhood"...well, couldn't be Sidney Crosby, it's too soon. Chris Chelios? Likely didn't miss it at all, just's been a lot of years since then.

"getting yelled at"...well, nobody likes that. However, I'll say Bryan McCabe...I know I'm constantly cursing his name after each turnover, giveaway, or blown chance...sigh.

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