Sunday, March 25, 2007

TV Listings Web Site That Actually Doesn't Suck

While this may be old news to any of my fellow TV junkies out there, gotta spread the word...Allow me to introduce the hands-down best site for TV listings that I've ever come across, Snapstream's!

Just cruise over to their page, enter your postal code, choose your TV provider, (de)select any channels you want shown in the grid, and voila. Now you have a grid you can drag, with a little red line that moves as time passes, and you can click on any show you want and it actually gives you decent information (repeats, cast, etc). Much beyond what even my set top box shows.

Seems to only work in Firefox, but that's no shocker. Anyways, just share the happiness, for all of us who've long suffered the set top guide, or worse, the Channel 13 scroll listings...

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