Saturday, August 08, 2009

Blackberry and NHL: Frienemies til the Bitter End

NHL 10 will be released on September 15th. Here's the most ironic screenshot in video game history (borrowed from, whom got it from

As you can see, BlackBerry devices will feature prominently in the new NHL video game. Players will use these screens to make trades on Trade Deadline Day, review offers, talk with other teams, etc. If I'm Gary Bettman, I just got another giant headache.

In case you've been frozen under centre ice for the last few years, Jim Balsillie, CEO of RIM, makers of the BlackBerry, has been trying to buy an NHL team. At every turn, god only knows why, tiny NHL Commish Gary Bettman and his band of merry men have been doing everything in their power (and perhaps beyond their power) to prevent these sales.

Why? Dunno. I guess they hate ridiculous sums of money? ...No, that's not is the only thing that these guys value. The NHL certainly has shown they DO NOT value their Canadian fanbase, even though it is epic in numbers. Earlier today in fact, in a sign the NHL is running out of legal legs to stand on, they've now effectively resorted to name-calling, in hopes of preventing Jim's bid for the failed Phoenix Coyotes from prevailing in the September 10th auction.

Oh well. Gary knows Jim has the most money, and therefore the best offer. Jim will get the team. Gary will get the boot. Canadians will get their sport back. Oh, it'll be messy, and it may take years, but this is the beginning of the end for the NHL and their monarchal approach to business.

One more note: Soon to be published book suggests even Canadians (especially younger ones) are growing tired of hockey. Well, I think we're all tired of Gary Bettman's NHL, that's for fucking sure. This is the way to run a pro sports league?

At any rate, it's a damn good soap opera to while away the summer days...

Damn, I love that screenshot...can't wait for this game!

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