Monday, August 03, 2009

Holy Toilet Water

New Rule: No More iPods in the bathroom!

As is my usual routine, I was enjoying some Ricky Gervais audiobooks whilst scrubbing away at my teeth before bed this evening. I turned 'round to reach my towel, and due to the lack of slack on the length-challenged headphone cord attached to the Red 2nd Gen iPod Nano (in its leather case) folded over the waistband of my shorts, the Nano was unceremoniously disconnected and plummeted swiftly and wetly directly into the toilet!

I seem to remember Ricky's laughter stopping short as the ear bud connection was ended...and then a loud gasp which I would later recall to be my own.

As luck would have it, the roommate had cleaned this very toilet earlier in the day, and as luck would also have it, I hadn't 'conducted any business' in it's freshly Ajaxed tepid pool of judgement just yet.

Quickly (after a moment of consideration for my own safety) I reached down to the bottom of the bowl and rescued my audio precious from a potentially watery grave.

Now, say what you will about toilet water, but after softly sopping up the excess with bog roll, the iPod appears to have resurfaced, no worse for wear. It's tiny & bright display merely suggested that I do not use Firewire to charge it, as it is not a supported interface. Click to dismiss, and low and behold, Ricky, Steve & Karl were right where I left them! Sorry no photo, but it wasn't my immediate concern to share this with the kids still say blogosphere?

Rejoice! For this iPod has not been sent to its great beyond, not on this day, and not in this toilet!

I've left the device and its case to sit overnight on some Kleenex, in hopes any watery remnants will find their way back out from whence they came. The leather case seems to be leaving blue marks on the Kleenex...not sure what that's about, but not a big concern, for Nano herself is safe, and will hopefully continue to deliver me many years of Gervais-based audio comedy.

One can't help but sense that a greater lesson has been taught to me through this series of events. Though I may need time to reflect and absorb all the liquidy details of just what has transpired.

...on the bright side...even if there is some damage beyond could've been my iPod Touch!

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